Glo Extracts

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Get the best vape cartridge on the market made From premium cannabis oils, Lab tested, quality checked and FDA approved, and high potency. Made from the strains: Hybrid, Sativa, and Indica.

Flavors include:


Master Kush, Gushers, Do-Si-Dos, Ayahuasca Purple, Platinum OG, Endless Sky, Blue Diamond, God’s Gift, Kushadelic, Merlot OG, Humboldt, LA Ultra.


Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, Dopium, LA sunshine, Cali Gold, Space Candy, Dank Sinatra


Strawberry Cough, Grape Lemonade, Jamaican Dream, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Buddha Haze, LAMB’S BREAD, Lodi Dodi, Blucifer, Sour Diesel.